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Lisa Vroman

News and Reviews

The Phantom of the Opera

San Francisco


…Vroman is a beauty, in voice and person, as the haunted




Various Concert Reviews


…Crystal clear and beautiful, Ms. Vroman’s soprano voice

resonated throughout the Hall and kept the audience

mesmerized with her angelic tones.



Kiss Me Kate

Glimmerglass Opera/St. Louis MUNY Theater


…Vroman as Lilli Vanessi is a spitfire of a performer with

magical stage presence and one of the finest female voices

ever heard on the great expanse of the MUNY stage.



Die Fledermaus

Opera New Jersey


…This is one talented, classy professional; her singing was as

fluent and delightful as her acting.



The Seven Deadly Sins

Portland, OR/St. Petersburg, FL


…Vroman has a powerful, flexible voice and forward tone, as

well as clear physical expressiveness.




Main Photo:Anne M. Peterson

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